Parents Are So Stupid

I walked into the bathroom today and found nine bars of soap stacked around the sink. Nine. I then see the wrapping on the floor from the Costco-size package of soaps we had. Me yelling out: Caitlyn, what’s with all soap here?! Caitlyn: What, Dad? Me: Soap! Is someone REALLY dirty? Did you unwrap all this soap? Caitlyn: Oh. Yup. It was just sitting there. I should create a blog

I Thought My Son Was Dead

Our 18 month old son sleeps in our bed. It’s easier to put him back to sleep when he’s with us, after he wakes up from his crib during the night. We have the bed against a wall so he won’t fall off; that’s the side he usually sleeps; however, he’s an active sleeper, sitting up in his sleep, crawling over his mom to get near me. Last night I

Swallowing An “AAA” Battery

I got a 5am call this morning (I’m in Flint, Michigan again) from my wife: our 12 month old son may have swallowed an AAA battery. He was playing with a remote that took 3 AAA batteries, when she noticed the battery cover was off. She took the remote from him but she could only find 2 batteries. It’s an old remote, so there may have been only 2 in

A Conversation with my Three Year Old Daughter

Dawn went to a late movie last night. This morning Caitlyn walked into the living room after waking up, where Dawn was. Here’s the conversation they had: Caitlyn: Mom, you’re back! Dawn: Yeah! Good morning! Caitlyn: Did you have a good time? Dawn: Yes I did! Gail and I had fun. Did you have fun with Dad last night? Caitlyn: Yeah! I woke up and Dad helped me pee. And