Is That A Pepper Mill In Your Pocket?

peppergunHarlan Ellison likes pepper. He likes it so much he travels with his own pepper mill:

When I pull it out on a plane, at first people cannot figure out what I’m doing, and some even make snotty remarks about, “Oh, you travel with your own pepper shaker,” to which I ALWAYS reply, “Pepper MILL, not ‘shaker.’ You ‘shake’ that grubby thimbleful of crap on your lettuce while I grind fresh Jamaican peppercorns onto MY salad. Yes, I in fact DO ‘travel with my own pepper’ mill. Do you, and I hope the answer is yes, have a problem with that? Or would you simply prefer to fall enviously silent so I can lord it over you?”

The Peppergun from The World’s Best Peppermills appears to be his favorite.

I have a stainless steel pepper mill I got from Costco and it’s the best mill I ever bought, and I haven’t seen a comparable one since.

We don’t have a pepper shaker in our house – it just ain’t the same. It’s like comparing fresh mushrooms to canned ones – it’s a different product.

(Ellison quote from Unca Harlan’s Art Deco Dining Pavilion, 02/12/2005 to 05/24/2005)