Song #8: “Mercy Street”

I got into peter gabriel (lower case peter gabriel) from my brother. My brother got into peter gabriel through early Genesis, which I never caught onto. Then Peter Gabriel put out So and became a big time pop star with songs like “Sledgehammer” and “Big Time.” But on the same album was a song called “Mercy Street (for Anne Sexton).” Peter Gabriel could really dig deep into these soundscape songs.

Thoughts on Kate Bush

I first heard of Kate Bush after she sang with Peter Gabriel on his song, “Don’t Give Up,” in 1986, something like that. I don’t much listen to Peter Gabriel anymore, though I still think his instrumental Passion album holds up better than anything he’s done. I’d probably still listen to him if he continued to put out albums in that vein instead of, well, whatever version of pop music

Some rumblings about Birdy by William Wharton

I’ve been re-reading some William Wharton novels since he died a little over a month ago. It’s been slow going because I’ve been busy, but the first title up was Birdy. It’s about two guys, Birdy and Al, who becomes friends in school and raise pigeons together. Birdy has such a love for birds, he eventually begins to dream he’s a bird. Then they’re drafted into the army to fight