Alternative Versions Of “Shock The Monkey”

peter gabriel as the monkeyReal World Remixed offers tracks from Real World artists’ songs so you can remix your own version of them, and they’re having a competition featuring Peter Gabriel‘s Shock The Money:

You have the chance to download a sample pack from Peter Gabriel’s ‘Shock The Monkey’, remix the track, and win an SSL Duende.

A friend on mine submitted a remix called Phillip Glass stole my drugs, which includes some subtle arpeggios and offbeat rhythms.

The Nemesis Monkey remix by someone I don’t know is interesting in that it uses every art-rock cliche ever used.

This Is Peter Gabriel’s Road

peter gabriel with goateeThis is the Road (2.4 MB mp3) is a new song Peter Gabriel is releasing for free. (Update: no longer appears available on their site.)

It’s a nice little ditty. Almost all his singles (tunes not on albums) are exceptional: Party Man, Quiet Steam, Lovetown; plus there are his alternative versions of I Have The Touch and other classics. Gabriel fans should track them down; they’re worth it, though it’d be nice if he released them all in a collection.

Peter Gabriel On Vinyl

Peter Gabriel's melting face - third albumThis is interesting: Real World is re-issuing VINYL editions of Peter Gabriel‘s albums, including excellent write-ups of them. From his third album:

Generally regarded as Peter Gabriel’s finest record, his third eponymous album finds him crafting an album that’s artier, stronger, more song oriented than before…. Each aspect of the album works, feeding off each other, creating a romantically gloomy, appealingly arty masterpiece. It’s the kind of record where you remember the details in the production as much as the hooks or the songs, which isn’t to say that it’s all surface, it’s just that the surface means as much as the songs, since it articulates the emotions as well as Gabriel’s cubist lyrics and impassioned voice. He wound up having albums that sold more, or generated bigger hits, but this third Peter Gabriel album remains a masterpiece.

I miss those 12 inch record covers.

Peter Gabriel

peter gabriel anti-mohawkBack in October (it’s been clipped in my Bloglines account ever since), EyeNo posted Eyeno’s Jukebox (the first of many, I hope) where he writes about Peter Gabriel, one of his favorite musical artists, making available an mp3 of Come Talk To Me (I’m surprised the RIAA hasn’t contacted him yet, the bastards). (UPDATE: Original mp3 link replaced with youtube version).

I didn’t start listening to Peter Gabriel until Security was released, but once introduced I was hooked: I think Phillip and I have every Peter Gabriel song he ever made public, including a lot of bootlegs; however I (unlike Phillip) also love his Genesis days, which includes the brilliant Selling England By The Pound and Trespass (to name just two).

Since he released So, however, I think he’s lapsed into more popular areas (except to occasionally work on a single like Quiet Steam or I Grieve), writing songs that lack the inventiveness of I Have The Touch and Games Without Frontiers. For example, the version of Signal To Noise he released on Up pales to the live version Phillip found. The live version is haunting, causing shivers to hear Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan belt out whatever the hell he’s singing.

Despite my enthusiasm for his later works, he’s still the ONLY pop musician I look forward to hearing something new from (actually, I like Trent Reznor too).