Phillip & Jody Cairns Photography

Jody and I have received genuine, no-fooling, legit photo credits, all of them on the Newfoundland and Labrador Heritage Website.

fogo island newfoundland Mine appears in the Arts and Economy article.

Jody has two photo credits. The first is in the article on Rural Depopulation in Newfoundland and Labrador; the second appears in Depopulation Impacts.

All the articles are written by Jenny Higgins.

We’re famous.

Photos From A Different Angle

Sleepy or playing chessfile magazine : a collection of unexpected photography:

The purpose of FILE is to collect and display photographs that treat subjects in unexpected ways. Alternate takes, odd angles, unconventional observations – these are some of the ways photographs collected in FILE reinterpret traditional genres. We leave the Kodak Moments to the family album, the glossy fashion spreads to Vogue, and the photo finishes to ESPN. Rather than taking the well-trod paths, we veer to left and get a different perspective.

A great collection of photos.

The guy in this image is sleeping or playing chess.

Faces Of The Future

the Face of Tomorrow: the Human Face of Globalization:

The Face of Tomorrow is a concept for a series of photographs that addresses the effects of globalization on identity.
To the large metropolises of the world are magnets for migrants from all parts of the planet resulting in new mixtures of peoples. What might a typical inhabitant of this new metropolis look like in one or two hundred years if they were to become more integrated?

For $15 they will morph two photos together, possibly showing what the offspring would look like. I think most photo editing software can do this now.