Podcasting on a Budget

The original version of this post, which was uploaded as a separate html page, had the lofty distinction of having been the first to use the phrases, “Podcasting on a Budget” and “Podcasting for Dummies.” It’s been revised because it was getting more hits than any post on Steel White Table — except it wasn’t on Steel White Table. Topics covered in this article: — How to pick a good

How To Record A Podcast

Podcasting Thoughts And Tips 008 – How I Make An Audio Magazine (Podcast): There are some very good hints in this … especially in the audio-post-processing section. I basically give away one of my secrets for creating audio that has a lot of clear ‘shine’ to it. But I can’t take you by the hand and teach you everything. An excerpt: Okay, I’m done tweaking the audio. Sure, there’s a