Podcasting on a Budget

The original version of this post, which was uploaded as a separate html page, had the lofty distinction of having been the first to use the phrases, “Podcasting on a Budget” and “Podcasting for Dummies.” It’s been revised because it was getting more hits than any post on Steel White Table — except it wasn’t on Steel White Table.

Topics covered in this article:

— How to pick a good microphone and a mixer.
— How get by without a good microphone or a mixer.
— Basic microphone technique.
— What cables and adapters to use.
— How to hook all this junk up to your computer.
— Recording audio magazines (or podcasts) with free audio software.
— Reducing noise and removing hiss.
— Encoding audio to MP3 format with free software.
— Tagging (or labeling) MP3s with free software.

There are several ways to go about recording podcasts. This is simply what was easiest for me at the time. And if you’re reading this in 2010, most of the information presented here is probably already out of date.

So here’s how I used to record my occasional podcasts (or audio magazines), and how I did it without much money.
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How To Record A Podcast

Jim Wearing A LampshadePodcasting Thoughts And Tips 008 – How I Make An Audio Magazine (Podcast):

There are some very good hints in this … especially in the audio-post-processing section. I basically give away one of my secrets for creating audio that has a lot of clear ‘shine’ to it. But I can’t take you by the hand and teach you everything.

An excerpt:

Okay, I’m done tweaking the audio. Sure, there’s a zillion more things I could do to make it sound better. Like I have that much time. One of the tricks to audio editing is finding what you like, doing it, and then leaving well enough alone. Otherwise, you can spend hours just goofing around with the sound. Life’s too short.

Excellent information there. Thanks, Jim.

Update: Phillip posted Podcasting On A Budget as a response to Jim’s post.