What the hell is happening in Canada? (part 2)

Don Newman of the CBC writes:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is apparently like someone with a drinking problem who can keep it under control much of the time, but just when it seems not to be a problem, falls off the wagon with damaging consequences.

Harper’s problem isn’t booze. He doesn’t partake. His problem is excessive partisanship. Even when he was publicly calling for more political co-operation, he was attempting to cripple his political opponents financially.

Harper’s falling off the co-operation wagon triggered all that followed for the next seven days. It led him to create the worst national unity tensions we have seen since 1995 and a humiliating trip to Rideau Hall to get the Governor General to save him from his folly. Harper should get into a 12-point program to control his partisanship.

It’s an entertaining but informative article, another case of, “If I don’t laugh, I’m going to cry.” I’ve read more than a few of these articles since Harper prorogued parliament. (Prorogue is the new buzz word in Canada.) If this keeps up, we’ll have to add a politics category to Steel White Table.