Contest: Name New Popcorn Business

Tommyboy has gotten into the kettle popcorn business and he needs a company name. His proposition:

post something about the name…I will send anyone who assists me in a name one bag a month for a year…and if I do not use any suggestions I will pick at random 3 of the suggestions and fed ex em a bag of popcorn…..

whatca think

He’s off to a good start too. I sent him the video below and he replied:

holy shit…same ingredients but different process….I already caught the kettle on fire…and the oil is heated first then sugar…and burning oil and popcorn splatters your face….it is all about temperature…..I will send you some….

So post your kettle popcorn company names suggestions and win free popcorn for a year!

Kettle Corn Tutorial:

The Best Popcorn Maker

I bought a new popcorn maker recently and it’s the best I’ve ever had. It works like this one:

You put a couple teaspoons of oil in the bottom, then 1/4 cup of popcorn kernels, put the cover on and turn it on. A metal rod that sits on top of the hot plate revolves, mixing the kernels so they don’t burn. Within a few minutes it’ll start popping. It’s quiet – just a low hum for the motor that turns that rod. EVERY kernel will pop if you have good kernels.

The popcorn maker costs about three times as much as the cheap air-blown ones, but it’s worth it.