A Technical Joke And Poll

Three programmers walk into a bar. One of them holds up two fingers and says “three beers bartender.” Hint: A similar joke, which sometimes appears as a tagline on SWT on the upper-right there, I think: There are only 10 types of people in the world: Those who understand binary, and those who don’t.

Firefox Addon Development

I have an idea for a Firefox addon that I’m considering developing, despite having a few other projects on the go (eg. specialized ftp client for Steve, website for a client…). In any case, I’m creating this post as a repository of Firefox addon development bookmarks. You’ll be the first to know if I ever get around to developing it. Google results for firefox addon development. Building an Extension tutorial.

Still, Donald Knuth Is Alive

An Interview with Donald Knuth where he talks about open source, reusable code, Linux, and other stuff: …authors these days often introduce arcane methods that outperform the simpler techniques only when the problem size exceeds the number of protons in the universe. Such algorithms could never be important in a real computer application. I read hundreds of such papers to see if they might contain nuggets for programmers, but most

Post Is Clear: A WordPress Plugin

Post Is Clear is a WordPress Plugin I wrote to insert <br clear=”all”/> at the end of posts, to ensure images and objects don’t wrap into successive posts. Phillip and I were manually inserting the code, although I did hack the WordPress code to insert it, but that code is lost whenever I upgrade WordPress. This will make me millions. Download Post Is Clear.

Donald Knuth Is Still Alive

Okay, I know you all know who Donald Knuth is, but just to waste some bandwidth, I’ll provide his background anyway: Knuth wrote The Art Of Computer Programming, considered the Bible of computer programming for those with an academic background. I remember seeing the beige, hard-cover volumes at MUN‘s book store for graduates, yet I bought them as a 1st year student because they were so damn interesting. They’re not