What To Watch On Netflix: In Bruges

In Bruges (thriller/dark comedy – 2008)  (9/10) Netflix provides recommendations based on your previous viewings and ratings. We try to watch videos that have ratings greater than 3 out of 5 stars and we’re noticing our selection is becoming limited for certain genres, such as science fiction, action, and thrillers. In Bruges has a 3.5/5 rating on Netflix and Roger Ebert gave it his highest rating, so we decided to

Astro Boy: The Movie – A Review

I hadn’t heard of Astro Boy before this movie, but apparently it’s popular somewhere – was even a TV series. Astro Boy the movie is a computer-animated movie about a robot kid. The movie has a dark tone similar to Wall-E, where humans abuse the environment and are complacent about their comfortable life style. Robots are self-aware but are predictably treated as inanimate objects. The movie’s about the kid robot