Kill Or Be Killed In Afghanistan

A friend in the Canadian Army is in Afghanistan now, so when I hear about Afghani (what do you call someone from Afghanistan? Afghan?) or soldiers being killed, I’m not so indifferent as I once was; I worry, hoping I want receive a phone call or email about my buddy.

Rick Mercer, a famous Canadian (particularly for the CBC crowd), wrote an informative, thoughtful piece about his trip there visiting the troops.

I hate the need for an army.

Rick Mercer’s Reports

Rick Mercer and Paul MartinRick Mercer Report is a CBC television show that makes fun of Canada and the U.S. Last week’s episode featured an interview with Paul Martin, Canada’s Prime Minister, where they went shopping at Canadian Tire for plastic to cover the windows the at Prime Minister’s house.

The show makes available a lot of their video segments, including their spoof of the commercial featuring fatherly advice about joining a running club (I had to look it up; it’s from a Toyota commercial).

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Are there similar American shows that can interview their President satirically, taking him out to Wal-mart or going to MacDonald’s for lunch (which Mercer has done with Prime Ministers, I think)?