Book Review: Wake by Robert Sawyer

Wake by Robert J. Sawyer  (4/10) I’ll read most anything Sawyer writes because his ideas are fascinating and original, but I’m beginning to lose my enthusiasm after reading this. Sawyer has brilliant, intriguing ideas, and he conveys them well – it’s the main reason I’ll read most anything he publishes. Unfortunately, each new book appears to be pandering to the masses: simple reading level, shallow characters with some gimmick to

Books I Read Recently

No Country For Old Men by Cormac McCarthy  (8/10) Engrossing, well-written novel about a sheriff tracking down a killer who’s after someone that stumbled on some drug money in the middle of a desert. I wouldn’t want to see the well-reviewed movie if it portrays the violence in the book. Rollback by Robert J. Sawyer  (7/10) A science-fiction novel that won the Hugo and Nebula Awards. As I’ve written before,

A Review Of “End Of An Era” By Robert J. Sawyer

End Of An Era by Robert J. Sawyer Rating: (8/10) Dinosaurs are fantastical creatures that once existed. How cool is that?! Stories about dinosaurs are cool too, if told well. End Of An Era is a fun, quick read about scientists travelling to the Mesozoic, hoping to figure out why dinosaurs became extinct, when they discover that aliens had something to do with it. The story has elements of Robert

A Review Of “Calculating God” By Robert J. Sawyer

Calculating God by Robert J. Sawyer Rating: (8/10) This is a science-fiction novel about aliens trying “to discover why God has behaved as he has and to determine his methods”. Due to cataclysmic events occurring simultaneously on different planets and the fact that life exists, the aliens think the universe was designed. When they arrive in downtown Toronto they ask to see a paleontologist to help them gather evidence of


I considered abandoning my car in the ludicrous Toronto traffic and walking the 10 minutes to my hotel. Instead, I read Calculating God (interesting story and ideas, but uninspired writing) while waiting for the traffic to move.