Trailer Park Boys – The Movie

I watch two television shows: Battlestar Galactica (the 3rd seaon premiere is this Saturday) and Trailer Park Boys. The CBC has an amusing interview with the trio from The Trailer Park Boys: CBC: Now that you’re movie stars, have you noticed any perks? Bubbles: We haven’t seen any yet. You’re looking at it. Old tray of dirty f—–g croissants. Ricky: Muffins. Bubbles: Some free pop. Julian: No liquor here. Ricky:

Neil Peart

An interview with Neil Peart (link no longer works so it was removed) where he talks about being a drummer, writer, and motorcyclist. When asked what his favorite Rush song is: “Tom Sawyer” is certainly one of our best known songs, but it’s always hard to play. It’s always a challenge, so how can that be boring? There’s still an exciting thing about playing “Red Barechetta.” There’s still elements of

Is Rush Close To Your Heart?

Rush fans will get a kick out of this thread at Rush guitarist files suit against Ritz-Carlton over altercation, claims his freewill was abused because he’s in the limelight. He went on to say the lawsuit was not about the big money, but rather justice which is closer to the heart. Some of the responses are just as creative.