I Used To Be A Scout

Scout Canada logoI started as a Cub, then became a Scout. In Canada, they have Beavers before Cubs, but I was never in that. I found my old Scout uniform the other day, and instead of throwing it out I emailed the Nova Scotia Council of Scouts:

In the early 80s I was in the 1st Cole Harbour Scout Troop, in Dartmouth. I was recently going through a dusty box of junk and stumbled upon my old scout uniform. Do you think the Dartmouth or Cole Harbour scout organizations would want it, for historical purposes? Else, I’m going to throw it out.
I have the green shirt with the 1st Cole Harbour badge, Chief Scout’s Award, Dartmouth Region badge, Dartmouth East District badge, and silver chain. I have the beret, too, but I unfortunately can’t find the sash (I think that’s the name for it – the piece of cloth that had badges sewed on it that was worn hanging from the shoulder).
I was at the ’81 Canadian Jamboree in Calgary, and I have a lot of badges that were traded during that time, too.
Let me know if anyone is interested in this material; I’ll ship it.

I’d post a photo of my buddy Paul and me in our Scout uniforms, but I couldn’t find it. So sorry.