Your Search Queries ARE Important has the following disclaimer:

There is satirical information and “advice”? here that can kill or maim you or someone else if you are stupid enough to take it seriously; by using this site you agree you’re responsible for yourself and if you really do something like put your testicles in boiling water, you are solely responsible for the consequences.

Their About page explains its purpose, but to sum it up: they make fun of queries used to find and its own website.

Here’s a recent post that you may find useful: Step by step instructions on how to seduce your own mom:

Wow… I looked up the geographical info for this guy’s IP. I don’t know why I was expecting Bahrain or something. It’s from someone in Seattle, Washington. Could be the house next door for all I know.

I’m thinking of adding a similar service to SWT. Here are some recent searches that people stumbled onto SWT with: