Illusions On The Wall

I was surprised to discover this worked for me: Concentrate on the 4 small dots in the middle of the image for about 30 seconds. Turn away and look at a smooth, blank surface, like a wall. Wait a few seconds and spots of light and shadowy shapes should appear. A familiar image should appear. Don’t click the following until you’ve tried this, but I saw Ashley. (via Bits &

Nathan Hale High Students Like Their Pot

Nathan Hale High School is in Seattle, Washington. It’s apparently a great place to go to school: …has a building culture of shared leadership among all staff, decision making by the people closest to implementing decisions, high levels of professional freedom, and a widely held commitment to promoting a climate of respect, decency, and trust throughout the school community. recently posted a photo of students from Nathan Hale smoking

Your Search Queries ARE Important has the following disclaimer: There is satirical information and “advice”? here that can kill or maim you or someone else if you are stupid enough to take it seriously; by using this site you agree you’re responsible for yourself and if you really do something like put your testicles in boiling water, you are solely responsible for the consequences. Their About page explains its purpose, but to sum it

Ashley’s Sedition

I discovered from the comment Ashley posted at this site. I spent at least 30 minutes reading his daily posts, his Bio, and exploring his links and suggested readings. He writes what’s on his mind. Ashley also maintains the Devil’s Dictionary X™, an extension of Bierce’s original Devil’s Dictionary.