SETI@Home – The Search For Aliens

SETI@Home emailed me: We’d like to invite you to reconnect with SETI@home. Our records show that you’ve been with SETI@home since 18 May 1999, but it’s been 265 days since you last returned a work unit. We want you back… SETI@Home sends out radio transmission data to computers around the world, which do data analysis, checking for evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence. From the wiki entry: SETI@home searches for possible evidence

SETI@home Goes BOINC

SETI@home has released a new version of their software called BOINC: – BOINC transparently and securely downloads new application versions. – BOINC has a more flexible data architecture than SETI@home Classic. – BOINC distributes work based on host parameters. – Other distributed computing projects are also using BOINC, and you can share your computer time among projects of your choosing. I won’t upgrade until I need to. They haven’t set

I Haven’t Found Any Aliens That I Know Of, Yet

This Tuesday, May 18, will be my 5 year SETI@home aniversary, having completed almost 4500 work units. SETI@home is considered a pioneer in distributed computing using the internet: SETI, or the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, is a scientific effort seeking to determine if there is intelligent life outside Earth. SETI researchers use many methods. One popular method, radio SETI, listens for artificial radio signals coming from other stars. SETI@home is