“Countdown,” by Jordan Canning

This film short was directed by Jordan Canning, a local St. John’s filmmaker. If you like it, give it a YouTube vote and send it to Cannes (I think it’s second place in the ratings at the moment).

You may also want to pause the film at the 8:52 mark and gush over the most important credit in the film — mine.

This Wonderful Animated Life

This Wonderful Life:

This short film features some of the most advanced and complex facial expressions I have ever seen Truly impressive both technically and artistically. Armed with nothing but his trusty Athlon 1.4 Ghz, 3ds max and a lot of patience…

Some of the skin textures and expressions surpass anything done in many movies. According to the interview at that site:

I was using an Athlon 1.4ghz with 1.5gb RAM and a 64mb Geforce card. I had to buy three more workstations for rendering.

The creator’s web site is having some band-width issues right now.

(via The Presurfer)