A Review Of The Movie “Signs”

WARNING: Although this review doesn’t discuss plot details, it pretty much gives away the whole movie.

I was completely hooked (98% hooked) by Signs movieSigns. I must have been in the right mood for it, and I’m glad I was, because I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, right to the very end:

  • When the girl was trying to give the dog some water, and the dog barked, I jumped.
  • When the guy was watching the videotape of the kid’s birthday party, saying, “Hey, little kids, get out of the way,” I was saying it with him, because I wanted to see what was on the tape. I was reaching over my seat trying to get a close look to make sure I didn’t miss anything, scanning through those bushes trying to figure out what the hell they were looking at. And when I saw that flash of the alien on the video, I flipped; it made me jump.
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