Books I’ve Read Recently

Next by Michael Crichton  (3/10) Too many characters with too little detail. Crichton seems to be getting worse, writing about topics that are interesting but a story with no substance. He creates short, interesting scenarios and dilemmas to raise issues related to the topic of his book (genetics in this case), but the story and characters are just fluff and a waste of time. The best part is the Author’s

New English Words

The OED (Oxford English Dictionary) has added some new words to their famous publication, including: bada-bing, int. beer pong, n. Disneyfication, n. Emily’s List, n. GIF, n. treeware, n. The OED is known for their inclusion of quotes that illustrate a word’s meaning: For each word in the OED, the various groupings of senses are dealt with in chronological order according to the quotation evidence, i.e. the senses with the