I just had a craving for a bag of chips, some heavy duty artery-clogging clips like Doritos. I also get cravings for pizza at specific times. Next in line would be chocolate. After that apples and carrots, fruits and veggies that are juicy and crunch. Once in a while I get a craving for single-malt scotch, which I satisfy with Lagavulin or Laphroaig, but that’s the only drink I ever

A Dram Of The Divine: Ardbeg

I opened a dusty bottle of Ardbeg today. It’s been sitting on my shelf for a few years. The aroma was divine. Swirling it around in the small glass brought forth fragrances of peat, iodine, and citrus; and then a splash of water… Moments like that I’d prefer to share with a fellow scotch lover.


I had a dram of Springbank today, one of my favorite single-malts, celebrating my new job, which I’ll post about later. Oh yeah.

Who Doesn’t Drink Scotch?

Phillip here. My thoughts on single-malt scotch, which I don’t really drink anymore… J&B is to scotch what a Big Mac is to fine dining. I suspect most people who drink J&B do it to get drunk, and quickly so as to put themselves out of their misery from drinking the stuff in the first place. But if that’s what tastes good to you, and you enjoy it, then fill

Who Drinks Scotch?

Beginner’s single malt Scotch is a post at MetaFilter where someone asked: What’s a decent, inexpensive and readily available single malt or good blend for a brand-new scotch drinker whose current dram of choice is a good dark sipping rum? The first response recommends J&B, a common, inexpensive blend that I’d never recommend, although I do drink Teachers, a cheap blend that doesn’t taste cheap. There’s no right answer; everyone’s