Not An Ice Age: Half Earth Covered With Snow

Speaking of snow, World of two halves! Map shows most of Northern Hemisphere is covered in snow and ice: That Antarctica, the Arctic, Greenland and the frozen wastes of Siberia are covered in white comes as no surprise. But it is the extent to which the line dips down over the Northern Hemisphere that is so remarkable about the image. The shroud of white stretches down from Alaska and sweeps

Top News Stories In Moncton

Snow. It’s all about snow. Headlines from local news sources: Local newspaper, The Times and Transcript: Will snow cleanup ever end? From all News radio station, News 91.9: Moncton poised to break snow record. Winter weather persists in Atlantic Canada from Global news. Moncton High contingency plan may be revealed from CBC (it’ll be news for them when Moncton breaks that record).

First Snow of the Year

We got our first real load of snow in St. John’s today. This is what my backyard looks like: That’s one of my beehives on the left by the fence (both colonies are still alive). Most of the snow will probably melt by the weekend. It’s been mild and soggy and damp since November.