A Review Of Spider-man 3

I saw Spider-man 3 yesterday. It’s long. Stuff of note: Every character cries at least 3 times in the movie, with Peter Parker crying about 20, I think. The action scenes are fast and confusing; you often can’t see tell what happens because the shots are too close-up or quick. I think the best action scene of all the spider-man movies is the train one from the 2nd movie, where

Spider-Man Is Back

My wife and I saw Spider-man 2 a couple of days ago. The first one was neat, seeing how they brought the comic hero to the big screen using the latest special effects; but in the end, it bored me: I didn’t care about the plot except where it developed the main characters, and the enemy seemed too cartoony. Spider-man 2 is much better, though. I was laughing within the