First Snow of the Year

We got our first real load of snow in St. John’s today. This is what my backyard looks like: That’s one of my beehives on the left by the fence (both colonies are still alive). Most of the snow will probably melt by the weekend. It’s been mild and soggy and damp since November.

Business In Newfoundland

I’m headed to St. John’s, Newfoundland today for a business trip. My employer is a system integrator of an RFID proposal and I’m the Technical Architect; there’s a company in Newfoundland who specializes in RFID solutions, whom we may partner with. Phillip’s picking me up at the airport. His big plans for me: Go to a sushi restaurant. Visit NIFCO. I kissed a cod long ago (when there were cod).

Tour of Signal Hill

I took a walk up Signal Hill last month with Jenny and Mike, and I video taped it (4.5mins, 10mb). Signal Hill is a big rock of a hill overlooking the small, harbour city of St. John’s, Newfoundland. If I lived in the Battery, I’d walk up the side of the hill every day. It’s a good solid hike, keeps your lungs in shape, and it’s over in about an