Why Staples Instead of Future Shop

I went to Future Shop / Best Buy the other day to get a specific wireless N router, but when I got there the sales person tried to pressure me into buying a router that was more than twice as expensive. She threw all kinds of computer jargon in my face and started dissing the brand name of the router I was planning to buy. She was trying to confuse me and convince me to spend more money on something I didn’t need. Had she not taken this approach, I would have at least purchased the router I came in to get. But I was so turned off by her attitude I said, “Well, that’s very interesting. I’ll have to think about it. Thanks.” Then I went across the street and bought my router at Staples.

The router cost more at Staples, but when I went to pay for it, I said, “This router is $20 less at Future Shop. Can you match their price?” They said yes, and that was it. Done deal.

I hate going to Future Shop.