Maltese Falcon

The Maltese Falcon — I saw it tonight in a theatre. It was okay, but it’s not in the same league as Casablanca. Bogart’s performance is uneven, the romantic element is unconvincing and the story isn’t too intriguing or compelling. For me, it has more style than substance. And even then, it’s not spectacular. My favourite film noir starring Bogart — if you really want to aim for cool just

Books I’ve Read Recently

Next by Michael Crichton  (3/10) Too many characters with too little detail. Crichton seems to be getting worse, writing about topics that are interesting but a story with no substance. He creates short, interesting scenarios and dilemmas to raise issues related to the topic of his book (genetics in this case), but the story and characters are just fluff and a waste of time. The best part is the Author’s

Books I’ve Read Recently

I never think to create a draft post and write a few sentences about the latest book I’ve read, which is probably what J-Walk does. My last Books I’ve Read Recently post was in June, 2007, yet I read at least one book a week. The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett  (7/10) This is an epic story that takes place in England in the 1100s, which is fun

A Review Of “The Colorado Kid” by Stephen King

The Colorado Kid by Stephen King Rating: (7/10) This isn’t a horror novel. It’s published by Hard Case Crime, known for hardboiled crime fiction by old and new writers, which some would say is a crime itself, as The Colorado Kid isn’t that hardboiled. It’s about the telling of a mystery involving a man found dead on a bench, in a small town where strange men dressed in suits aren’t