Stupid Useless Crap

Someone’s “definitive list of the 99 things you should have already experienced on the internet unless you’re a loser or old or something“, which includes a lot of stuff I haven’t seen and wish I didn’t:

Star Wars Kid. I heard about this before but never saw it.
david after the dentist
tron guy

That website has another stupid list of things but I’m not linking that.

Is there a “stupid shit” category here? We need that. I may then post more stupid shit like:
Starbuck’s new cup size
Student wearing same jeans for 15 months. Really, who gives a fuck?
Entertainment news, cause there isn’t enough websites publishing that stupid crap

Oh, I just noticed, we do have a “stupid” category here.

An Alternative To “Hello”

This is a good one: HeavenO

Let’s now begin working towards the next 100 years with a more harmonious, intelligent, and positive new universal greeting: “HEAVENO!” A symbol of Peace, friendship and Welcome
This greeting word (hello) contradicts All Our Positive Social And Cultural Values that we cherish and hold dear. If our country’s pledge would read “One nation under Satan?” then maybe “hello” would deserve some measure of merit!!
The “O” is not enough to hide the most negative word (Hell) printed in every dictionary!

Evolution-Is-A-Deception Camp

animated american flagCamp American:

Where God’s Truth and Patriotism Go Hand In Hand… Reclaiming Individual Liberty Through Prayer, Education in the Truth of Our Christian Heritage and Activism

This is good:

Students will discover the deception of evolution, the importance of purity and morals in a free society, and the pagan connection to the radical environmental movement… Most importantly, students will learn that in order to restore America, we must return America to Christ.

I highlighted the funny parts.

And what’s with the American flag there? Where are all the others stars?

Change Your Name Gangsta Style

The Gangsta Name Generator:

So, you want a gangsta name, huh, sucka? Type in your current boring-ass name and be re-dubbed.

Jody Cairns = Stinky Nut Rappa
Steel White Table = Sherman Tank Gangsta

Note their disclaimer:

I take no responsibility for the name you get. It’s all by random numbers, so if you get one that hurts your feelings, change your name or something. Besides, it’s for fun, ya idiots!
Damn it feels good to be a gangster.

(thanks, Neil)