Superman is Here

The new Superman movie hits theatres today. It was scheduled for a June 30th release, but they bumped it up by 3 days. Seeing it tonight would be insane, so I’m going to see it during a Wednesday afternoon matinee. I’ll report back here immediately. James loves the movie. Roger Ebert doesn’t. I didn’t read Ebert’s entire review, nor do I plan to glance at any other reviews, because I

Superman, Polar Bears, and Giant Spiders

Kevin Smith, the writer and director of Clerks, tells a story about how he got involved with writing a new Superman movie, a movie where the man in tights couldn’t fly, didn’t have his red and blue costume, and had to fight a giant spider. (via

Superman Lives, Kinda

The Gallery of Super-Dudes: Every summer Metropolis, IL holds their annual Superman Festival […] and there’s always a few people dressed as the Man of Steel himself. These enigmatic men are the stuff of legend, referred to affectionately as the “Super-Dudes.”