The Beatles’ Black Album

I didn’t know what a bootleg album was until my friend Kevin stumbled on The Beatles Black Album in a used record store on the corner of Barrington and Prince Streets in Halifax, back when we were 16 or 17 years old. I think he bought it for around 50 bucks. We couldn’t believe our luck. Its quality was pitiful: the warped vinyl (three records!) had bubbles and scratches in

Technical Songs

Yellow Subroutine: In the town where I was born, Lived a man, who played with ‘C’. And he coded his whole life On a stack of Function Keys. So we traced to his data schemes, Til we found a ‘C’ routine.. And we lived beneath the SAVES, In our yellow Sub-Routine… WE ALL live in A YELLOW SUB-ROUTINE, YELLOW SUB-ROUTINE, YELLOW SUB-ROUTINE …. (ETC) Lots of Computer songs and poems

Beatles Song Analyses

This is a cool reference for Beatles’ fans: In 1989 the American musicologist Alan W. Pollack started to analyze the songs of the Beatles. He published his first results on internet. In 1991 — after he had finished the work on 28 songs — he bravely decided to do the whole lot of them. About ten years later, in 2000 he completed the analysis of the official Beatles’ canon, consisting