Roll Up The Rim To Win 2011

It’s Roll Up the Rim To Win time – Tim Hortons’ annual contest where you roll up the rim of specialled marked red and yellow cups. This year’s (2011) prizes include: 2011 Toyota Matrix Panasonic 3D TV Package Mountain Bike And donuts. Lots of donuts. This year they have an online game where you can win free coffee for a year. I tend to buy more of their coffee when

Roll Up the Rim, Again

It’s Roll Up The Rim To Win time again at Tim Hortons. Their sales sky-rocket during this promotion, where customers have to roll up the rim of their beverage cup to reveal if they won anything, which includes a car, donuts, muffins, coffees, and for the first time: a boat! I don’t drink as much of their coffee as I used to; I won’t be keeping track of my wins

Roll Up The Rim A Bit Easier

The Rimroller™: This product makes it easy to check for prize statements hidden under the rims of paper coffee cups in various contests… it slices the cup rim twice when pushed down, and an internal lip unrolls the paper edge when it’s pulled up. $2.50 at Lee Valley Tools for something you may use for two months of the year, if you drink Tim Hortons‘ coffee, which I rarely do

Tim Hortons’ Cup Lids

Most portable hot drink cups have a pre-made hole in its cover or one you have to make by bending a flap. Tim Hortons‘ lids have the second type, which fail 50% of the time for me. Two main problems with Tim Hortons’ cup lids: Ripping the perforated plastic to the indicated line results in the rip going crooked or pass the line, making it impossible to fold down correctly.

Roll Up the Rim To Win (But Probably Lose)

As EVERY Canadian knows, Roll Up The Rim To Win is Tim Hortons’ annual contest that features their red and yellow cups labeled with prizes you can win. You peel back the rim to see if you have “WIN DONUT” or if you have to “PLEASE PLAY AGAIN / RÉSSAYEZ S.V.P. ©” I’m going to try to keep track of my losing. I usually buy two cups of coffee a