You’re Doing It Wrong

7 Basic Things You Won’t Believe You’re All Doing Wrong is an interesting read about daily things most of us do wrong, including (among others): Tooth Brushing Traditional wisdom […] is that we should brush twice a day, after meals. …dentists are now recommending that people, especially small people between the ages of five and 10, not brush their teeth after every meal. The reason is that the acidity in

Dual Flush Toilets

We’re renovating our bathroom next week, so we’ve been shopping around for a new toilet, bathtub and shower, and other fixtures. We discovered a Dual Flush Toilet at Kent Building Supplies (an Atlantic Canada company, which I’ll support over the big-boys like Home Depot). Regular toilets use 6 liters (1.6 gallons) of water when flushing. A dual flushing toilets has two methods of flushing: 4.1 liters (1.1 gallons) or 6

Breasts and Toilets

The Top Ten Names Men Call Breasts: Tits Boobies Boobs Jublies Bosoms Airbags Rack Titties Milk Depot Baps “Baps”? I haven’t heard a few of the terms.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Toilets

Toiletology 101: Let’s plunge in; flush out the facts and plumb the depths of toilet repairs. Almost everything you ever wanted to know about your toilets! And some things you probably never knew you needed to know. Some of their topics include: History of the Flush Toilet: There is disagreement over who was the inventor of the modern flush toilet, and flushing out the truth is not easy. Many give

Things to do While Sitting on the Toilet

I googled things to do while sitting on the toilet assuming something interesting would result, but the only funny thing I found was Don’t Get Caught On The Toilet When Jesus Comes Back! But I’m serious: while sitting on the toilet waiting to finish your, uh, business… what do you do? Here’s some suggestions. Add your own in the comments. Read. Play video games (gameboy, etc.). Wait patiently while staring