Donny And Marie In Toronto 2011

Donny & Marie bring Vegas show to Toronto …the company will host the only Canadian stop in a four-city tour of Broadway’s hit Green Day musical American Idiot. The rock musical, based on the Grammy-winning band’s music, will be staged in Toronto Dec. 28, 2011, to Jan. 15, 2012. Well it’s about bloody time.

Police Violence in Toronto (Video)

Someone just sent me a link to a video posted on I feel sorry for the peaceful protesters, but I also feel sympathy for the rookie cops in riot gear bracing themselves for a potentially dangerous encounter (there were some idiotic violent protesters, too, and the cops had to be ready for them). MacDonald [the guy who shot the video] told his group marched peacefully along Queen from

Notable Events From My Trip To Toronto

It’s been a long week, but I’m finally home. Here are some notable things that happened during my trip: People have given me cough drops twice due to be hacking cough. I lost a nice sweater. Ate at a Korean restaurant that had a propane grill set in the middle of the table (every table had this), where we cooked our own food. Saw more oriental restaurants in one area