Police Violence in Toronto (Video)

Someone just sent me a link to a video posted on mynews.ctv.ca. I feel sorry for the peaceful protesters, but I also feel sympathy for the rookie cops in riot gear bracing themselves for a potentially dangerous encounter (there were some idiotic violent protesters, too, and the cops had to be ready for them).

MacDonald [the guy who shot the video] told CTV.ca his group marched peacefully along Queen from Bay Street to Spadina, where they were surrounded by police in riot gear. “We kind of got surrounded and weren’t able to get out, they just pushed us back and I was trying to film, and the one officer lunged forward smashed me in the face with his shield and one by one they arrested us, all of us,” MacDonald alleged… Eventually, MacDonald and his friends were all arrested and taken to a detention centre. He was eventually released at about 11:30 p.m.

The video contains adult language (a few f-bombs).

Notable Events From My Trip To Toronto

It’s been a long week, but I’m finally home. Here are some notable things that happened during my trip:

  • People have given me cough drops twice due to be hacking cough.
  • I lost a nice sweater.
  • Ate at a Korean restaurant that had a propane grill set in the middle of the table (every table had this), where we cooked our own food.
  • Saw more oriental restaurants in one area than I thought would be possible to stay in business. Strip malls were JUST restaurants – no stores.
  • Had the best Won Ton Soup ever.
  • Had an individual portion of yogurt for $15 at the over-priced Hilton Hotel.
  • Ran out of hot water while showering at the Hilton Hotel.
  • Couldn’t close the curtains in my Hilton Hotel room. There were heavy curtains on the top and sides of the window, with a shear covering the whole area, but the heavy portion was fixed; no way to cover the main portion of the window.
  • Had Chinese green tea, which I forgot how much I enjoyed. I’ll have to buy some for home.
  • All the cab drivers in Ottawa are Russian.
  • Toronto’s highway signs are confusing; too little information and they appear to short a distance before the destination they refer to.

We also had bad experiences at The Keg restaurant, but I’ve done enough complaining. Air Canada screwed up our flights, too, but their personnel were extremely pleasant and accommodating; I’m going to write a letter to compliment the staff.

I hope I never have to travel around Christmas again.

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