Review of Cobra Mini RC Helicopter

Skip to the last update at the end for my final thoughts… I bought a small remote control helicopter a few days ago because I was walking through the mall and saw the helicopter flying around a kiosk and thought, “That is so cool.” I was instantly hooked. The guy controlling it was an expert. I watched him fly several helicopters, from tiny ones to giant ones, performing all kinds

The Best Selling Car

America’s best-selling car isn’t what you might think… Little Tikes Co. of Hudson, Ohio has released sales figures for its iconic Cozy Coupe showing that it has outsold all of those four-door family sedans throughout its 30-year production run. That’s right, the red plastic coupe with the yellow top turns 30 this year, and last year alone the company moved 457,000 of them… We have one of those. Pain in

Mattel’s Poisonous Toys

Mattel, the toy manufacturer, is recalling more products due to lead contamination. These are toys in my house. A relative bought my kids some candy at a corner store recently. I noticed the candy was made in some Asian country; I threw it out, preferring kids who hate me for 15 minutes rather than dead ones. Ah, ain’t capitalism grand?


The RoboSapien is going to be on sale soon. It’s… a full function fast moving robot minion suitable for all your world domination needs! Features include real, multi-speed fast dynamic walking, running and turning; fast, full function arms with two types of grippers; 67 pre-programmed functions including pick-up, throw, kick, sweep, dance, fart, belch, rap, and half a dozen kung-fu moves. Robosapien speaks fluent international “caveman”. Programmable “reflexes” to touch,