Caught Speeding

speedingGondola Point Grand Prix posts photos of vehicles going over the residential speed limit (which is 50 km/hour) along with their recorded speed. The editor will remove the photos under specific conditions:

  • Voluntarily pay a speeding fine to the local police.
  • Donate to local charities.
  • Volunteer time to local charities.

I like this guy’s gumption. I’d do this for my area if I had a radar gun.

(via CBC News)

Stop in the Name of Assholes

A man was walking a few steps ahead of me, and when we reached a street-crossing he pressed the round button on the lamp post that activated the overhead pedestrian warning for traffic.

A car coming from the left didn’t appear to be stopping, but the man started walking across the street anyway.

A couple feet from the sidewalk the man turned towards the approaching car and yelled “I’m walking here!”.

The car screeched to a halt as the man continued walking across the street, gesturing obscenities at the driver.

The driver of the car didn’t come out and beat the asshole senseless (if there was any sense to beat out).