Borland Puts the “Turbo” Back In Development

Borland is bringing back the Turbo brand: In 1983, Borland revolutionized software development with one of the first PC development environments, Turbo PascalĀ®, which helped make the commercial development of PC applications possible. The new products revive the popular Turbo brand and provide users with a simple but powerful development environment that combines quick and easy learning with rapid productivity gains. They’re making available a free version and a commercial


Utter is a DOS program I originally wrote in 1992 or 1993, with the last version being released in 1994. It’s written in Turbo Pascal 6.0 with a lot of embedded assembly. From its readme file: UTTER displays a quote from an ASCII text data file, called UTTER.DAT by default, which is assumed to be in the same directory as UTTER.EXE. It was popular for awhile. Users would put it