Porn Without Plot?!

Television I can do without. Movie sequels and remakes I can do without. But this is going to far: Writers’ Strike threatening Porn Industry. “It’s getting terrible,” reported one porn consumer who refused to give his name. “I just saw Horny Nurses 14 and I have to tell you it was just a reshash of the plots from Horny Nurses 9 and 11. It’s like they didn’t even have a

Online Television

TV Links: What is this site? This site is a place where we hold a collection of links to other pages which contain your favourite TV shows. The videos themselves are hosted on video sites such as DailyMotion and YouTube. Is it legal? Whilst TV shows are copyrighted material, we do not actually hold any copyrighted material on our site, meaning that we’re perfectly legal. Through being on this site,

Kevin Smith Likes Bad Canadian Television

Kevin Smith Appears For ‘Degrassi’ Finale: If you know anything about Kevin Smith, you’re probably wise to his fascination with a little TV show in Canada called. …Smith confessed, saying, “I used to work at this convenience store, and on Sunday mornings the only thing that kept me from gutting the customers in a sleepy rage was Degrassi Junior High.” No, I didn’t know and wish I didn’t. Degrassi is

Turn That Damn TV Off

The 10th annual National (U.S.) TV Turnoff Week begins next week (April 19-25). My wife and I didn’t have a television for almost a year once and we didn’t miss it. I’d like to get rid of ours; I rarely watch it now; I’m too busy being with my daughter or I’m on the computer. (via Slashdot)