Porn Without Plot?!

porn is cheaper than datingTelevision I can do without. Movie sequels and remakes I can do without. But this is going to far: Writers’ Strike threatening Porn Industry.

“It’s getting terrible,” reported one porn consumer who refused to give his name. “I just saw Horny Nurses 14 and I have to tell you it was just a reshash of the plots from Horny Nurses 9 and 11. It’s like they didn’t even have a writer.”
“What do people want? Movies where the actors just walk into a room, strip and just go at it? Where they always start with oral sex, then doggy, and then a money shot? Fans will walk if that’s all they get,” according to PWGA member Dick Member. “And don’t think about doing the lonely housewife and the pool-boy again. I own that.”

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Uh huh.

They don’t have The Six Million Dollar Man. Bummer.

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Kevin Smith Likes Bad Canadian Television

Kevin Smith Appears For ‘Degrassi’ Finale:

If you know anything about Kevin Smith, you’re probably wise to his fascination with a little TV show in Canada called.
…Smith confessed, saying, “I used to work at this convenience store, and on Sunday mornings the only thing that kept me from gutting the customers in a sleepy rage was Degrassi Junior High.”

No, I didn’t know and wish I didn’t.

is a Canadian television institution – a classic reincarnation of a 1980’s show called Degrassi Junior High which aired on CBC. It’s about a group of adolescents trying to get through school as they deal with typical growing up issues. For you Americans, it’s like Saved By The Bell with equally bad acting (I was going to write “worse acting”, but really – that’s unimaginable) but less commercialism; however, I still watched it way back when; it had a hint of honesty.