Does The Keg offer vegetarian meals?

I received a $100 certifcate for The Keg recently, so my wife (vegetarian) and I are going there soon. The Keg is known for its steaks, and vegetarians are usually limited to salads or pasta at similar places – sometimes not even that since they often include chicken. I emailed the Corporate office of The Keg recently asking about vegetarian options: We received a gift certificate for The Keg recently

Vegetarian Fast Food

Me, I can’t usually eat ’em ’cause my girlfriend’s a vegetarian, which more or less makes me a vegetarian; but I sure love the taste of a good burger. – Pulp Fiction My wife’s a vegetarian, so I’m in the same boat as Jules. As a result, we’re limited to restaurants that serve meatless dishes, which isn’t easy. Most places offer salads or stir-fries, but they get boring. Here are