Black Coffee Makes Me Vomit

drinking coffeeI once tried to wean myself off the cream and sugar I put in coffee. The first time I went cold-turkey, drinking just black coffee, I vomited an hour after I drank it. Maybe it was the eggs I ate with breakfast.

The next day, drinking it black, I vomited it again about an hour after I finished the coffee. Maybe it was bad coffee.

When it occurred the third day I figured I was dumb; it must be the lack of sugar or cream. I added a teaspoon of sugar the next time with no cream, and I didn’t vomit.

Over the next few days I reduced the amount of sugar until I had none, and then I vomited. I need sugar in my coffee.

Apple juice doesn’t appeal to me either; it’s never made me puke, but its acidity makes me nauseated after a few sips.

So, my question: does any common food or beverage make you vomit like clockwork?