God Bless The Queen

It’s a Canadian holiday today – May 24. Something to do with some dead Queen. The weather has been unusually warm: 30+ degrees Centigrade (that’s 200 or something in Fahrenheit). We went to the Parlee beach, which hasn’t officially opened, but there were lots of people there. The water was freezing, but the kids (and Wally) had a grand time.

Wally The Newfoundland Dog Is Twittering

Wally created a twitter account and will try to post daily updates, which you can read in the right sidebar there under “Wally’s Updates”. Twitter is some silly online service that allows one to post short phrases about anything, but usually concerning what you’re currently doing. And here’s a recent video of Wally playing in the kids’ pool:

Newfoundland Dog Video

I recently saw Jody’s Newfoundland dog, Wally, in the flesh and shot some home videos of it. It’s like having a bear living in the house. Check it out. I DECIDED TO REMOVE THE VIDEO BECAUSE IT CONTAINS SOME MUSIC BY HERB ALBERT AND THE TIJUANA BRASS AND I DON’T WANT TO GET SUED BY SONY MUSIC OR WHATEVER MULTI-NATIONAL CORPORATION THAT HAPPENS TO OWN THE RIGHTS TO THE MUSIC.

Wally Likes Legs

Wally, our nine month old, 120 pound Newfoundland dog, likes to hump legs, chairs, cars… anything that will stand still for him. The breeder we got him from doesn’t want us to neuter him until he’s 18 months old due to research indicating that their growth can be disrupted due to hormone imbalance. Or something. Unfortunately, he’s at the adolescent age where he wants to mate with everything, and when

An Update About Wally

Our Newfoundland dog, Wally, is five months old and weighs 60 pounds, which is average for the breed. He’s not fat nor skinny. We feed him about six cups of dry food (Canidae) a day, which is mixed with a little water and canned food. He’s forever hungry. His jowls are developing now, such that he drools occasionally. His eyes are beginning to have that bagged look, too; more fluid