Movie Review: “Rio Bravo”

  I finally got around to watching a classic western movie I’d heard about for years, Rio Bravo, and it’s a good one. John Wayne is the sheriff of a dusty old town who has to hold a bad guy, a murderer, in the local jail for six days while he waits for the U.S. Marshall to show up and take the bad guy away. But then the bad guy’s

“Seraphim Falls” (aka Run Like Hell)

Seraphim Falls could be titled 101 Things to Do With a Knife (watch the movie to get that joke). The first 15 minutes play like a Grizzly Adams version of 24. It’s brutal. Pierce Brosnan’s performance as a man on the run — who knows how to fight back — is outstanding. The movie is mostly one long chase scene with a slightly surreal ending, but it’s one of the