West-Jet Waited For Me

Last year in November I almost missed a flight from Hamilton, Ontario to Moncton, New Brunswick. I didn’t miss it because West-Jet logoWest-Jet waited for me. Here’s the letter I sent them today:

I’m writing to thank you for your outstanding, incomparable service.
On Sunday, November 27, 2005 (sorry for the delay in writing this), I had a 1:10pm flight from Hamilton to Moncton. I left London at 9am, 90 minutes earlier than usual since a snow storm was occurring. During the drive I was stuck in traffic on the 401 and 403 for two hours due to accidents. I phoned my travel agent as I waited, asking them if the flight was delayed due to the weather; they said No. I asked them what the deadline was for the check-in time, and they said 30 minutes before the flight – no exceptions. So, I decided to TRY and make my flight, hoping that flight would be delayed.
I arrived 15 minutes before the flight was supposed to leave. I threw my keys to the car rental clerk saying “Fax me the bill!”, then rushed to the West-Jet counter asking, “Am I too late?” The attendant smiled and said, “Jody? We’re waiting for you”, giving me my ticket, and off I went, amazed. Wow. Five minutes later I was on the plane thinking, “I gotta write West-Jet about this.”
I used to fly with your major competitor, but they were dependably undependable: delayed flights, inconvenient flight times, and expensive. No longer. I fly exclusive West-Jet now, with this incident just one example of the great service I receive.

Why am I only posting this now? I’m starting to finish the 50 or so draft posts I have on the go.