Whale MusicIn 1992, Rheostatics released the brilliant album Whale Music, where every song has cohesiveness and originality: you can’t imagine Martin Tielli’s unique vocal style being replaced, and his guitar rhythms are beautiful; and the other musicians make contributions equally astounding, including the underrated song Palomar.

Phillip and I have most of their albums, but Whale Music and Melville are the only ones I don’t grow tired of.

They recently released a new album: 2067. I’m not purchasing it, though: since Whale Music, I haven’t heard anything they’ve produced that grabs me like their first few albums did. I’ll wait for Phillip‘s opinion: I trust him (most of the time).

Incidentally, Whale Music was inspired by Paul Quarrington‘s enjoyable novel Whale Music, which spawned an equally enjoyable movie. A book, CD, and movie of the same name, all worth reading, listening to, and watching.