A Whole Wheat Radio Video

Once in a while I try to tune into the old Whole Wheat Radio webcast just to see if I can catch ’em casting something unannounced. Nothing so far. But I did find a couple videos on YouTube. Here’s one from 2005 that features Excel guru, John Walkenbach, at the 87-second mark in his pre-banjo days. Quite the thrill.

More extensive videos can be found on YouTube channel for TomboUK.
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Facebook Is MySpace For Adults

Facebook is another social network, but this one is the least annoying one I’ve found so far. As Pender wrote,

Where myspace looks like it’s tailored for 10-14 year olds, Facebook seems like it’s tailored for the aging 20+ crowd…

Its interface is MUCH easier to use – everyones’ page has a similar look and feel, with no annoying music or videos starting when the page is loaded. It’s not a commercial looking as MySpace.

Of course, a better social networking site will be discovered tomorrow.

None of them beat Whole Wheat Radio, though.

I’ve never participated in an online social network for long. I try them out for a week, then neglect them; nothing has compelled me to visit and update them.

Whole Wheat Radio

The ONLY thing I like about working in Detroit is being able to listen to Whole Wheat Radio often, sitting in my hotel room here, laughing at Jim’s indifferent irreverence to everything including himself, discovering great independent music.

WWR logo

I started Steel White Table back in February of this year in a similar hotel room in Detroit, listening to Jim’s rants and his great selection of tunes. Read my past posts about WWR do get an idea what they’re all about. If you like the Billboard Top-100000, you probably won’t like WWR.

Coincidentally, WWR’s Blog just posted an Article About Whole Wheat Radio In Fairbanks Paper. He includes a link to a PDF version of the article.