Wireless Music – Part 2: The CompWide Plug-in

UPDATE (Sept. 2008: The CompWide plug-in hasn’t worked since I bought a PC pre-installed with Vista. I don’t use anything now and I’m sick of trying to find solutions for things that aren’t compatible with Vista.

While I’m waiting for my wireless music system to arrive, I’ve decided to check out some Winamp plug-ins that claim to automatically normalize the volume without spoiling the dynamics of the music. I’ll check them out and test them throughout the day when I have time. Then I’ll post my results.

KMG Dynamic Volume20 — This one isn’t the greatest, but it’ll do the job if you’re not picky and your sound system isn’t too hot to begin with. I tried it with some classical music and it was fine to my ignorant ears. But I couldn’t stand what it did to reggae and bluegrass and folk and all that other stuff I listen to. Changing the volume throughout a song is not a good idea. It doesn’t sound good — period. This plug-in also produced too many audio “artifacts” (clicks and pops). I hope the next one is better.

Zyraxs Evil Volume Normalizer — Hard to say if it’s as bad as the KMG plug-in, but it’s still not good. The sound is still being processed during playback, which seems to create artifacts. Like I said in my previous post, all I really need is a normalizer that doesn’t “process” the sound at all, but allows the user to simply save the best volume setting for any track that needs adjustment and remembers it whenever that track comes up again. Wouldn’t that be easier to program anyway?
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