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Phillip Cairns is a beekeeper in St. John's, Newfoundland, who writes about beekeeping at mudsongs.org.

38 Replies to “Tap-tap!… I don’t think this thing is on… Hello?!

  1. Well as a regular observer at J-Walk, and an admirer of Steel White Table, it would be remiss of me not to drop in. Had a poopy week last week, but it ended well. Most things resolved nicely.

    The weekend is looking damned fine.

    I confidently predict that I will go for a drive with the missus on Sunday afternoon in beautiful warm autumn weather with the roof down.

    No snow here in Australia, and it’s 20-27 deg C during the day here in SE Qld.

  2. Just cruising past once more, from a different computer, and got the following message…

    Trend Micro Internet Security has identified this Web page as undesirable.


    Address: http://www.steelwhitetable.org/
    Type: Alcohol / Tobacco

    I’d never noticed a tobacco/alcohol presence here before.

  3. Another JWalk customer checking in.
    It’s 85 in Palm Springs, California and we have not had any snow in a long time.

  4. Great idea, Phillip!

    Here I am in Prescott, working on the world’s slowest WiFi connection. It’s a beautiful day, clear and crisp.

    Must stop now. Each character takes 24 seconds to send.

  5. Hoy, hoy, hoy! About to watch the first episode of Death Note with my kid on YET ANOTHER COLD RAINY EVENING IN MINNESOTA.

    Much better looking mic graphic here than the usual treacle on the Walkenblog. Gold!

    Anybody have any experience with the Ergohuman vs the Aeron chair? My wife needs a new office chair (she loves her Aeron at home, I got rid of mine and went back to an ancient wooden office chair). I’d like to buy her an ergonomic chair that doesn’t cost so much.

  6. Another j-walker checking in.

    Request for advice/experience: Anyone using a wireless ‘modem’ (or aircard, etc.) on a desktop for high speed internet access? I’m in a rural, dial-up or nothing area and looking for options. Satellite seems to be price prohibitive. No cable internet available. Verizon will never extend the fiber-optic line.

    Obligatory weather report: above average temps predicted for the weekend, in the 80’s and no rain on Saturday (for a nice change!)

  7. I haven’t been paying attention. We’re doing weather reports? Okay. Saturday mornig. 7:58am in St. John’s, Newfoundland. It’s -1 C, which is apparently 30 F, but with the wind chill it’s more like 23 F. It’s been like this for the past few days. We have icebergs floating past the harbour, which doesn’t help. Oh yeah — with freezing rain and fog. It’s supposed to get sunnier and warmer to day, though.

    I’m seeing Iron Man today.

  8. Yet another J-Walker checking up on the crew.
    Thanks for having us aboard … I’m an infrequent visitor … nice site … I will check it out some more.

    Weather seems to be the main topic so far. Some religion or politics will usually liven the party, such as Obama being 65% likely to win Guam (grin)

    what … no preview facility … let’s see if the link and the italics coding work here

  9. Newfoundland, eh … well that places the beautiful masthead picture for me.
    Here’s an image from my part of the world.

    BTW … hope you are not related to our ‘resident Canadian’, Mister E.B. (big grin)

  10. Not exactly sure of all the subtle nuances and behind-the-scenes trappings and happenings, but the basic gist of it is that after an extremely productive round of implementing some really cool, visionary, exciting, beneficial and constructive changes, Jim became fed up and discouraged by more than a few snipey emails he received, and decided to say “Eff it all!” for awhile late Friday afternoon. Hopefully, he will soon come to realize how much he is loved and missed, and Whole Wheat will be Radioing again in the very near future.

  11. NOALIAS: I have the Sprint Aircard that I use when traveling. It works very well, not super high speed but fine for streaming music and surfing. There are routers available (kyocera and linksys) which let you use the the PC CardSlot EVDO Cards so you can have wifi from a single connection (let’s you position the unit for best reception). Sprint has the all you can eat program so you don’t get dinged with bandwidth charges. You could also get the USB EVDO model if you have a single computer. Worth trying EVDO out to test reception and performance at your location.

  12. Cool blog, but lacking in religion bashing. Here’s one to get us started (if embedding woiks). God wants your rebate check!:

  13. RickHap,

    Thanks for the info. That’s pretty much what I’ve learned. I got a Verizon USB modem today. But my signal isn’t very good, one bar right now, but it connects. They sell an external antenna, so I’ve ordered it. Should be in here in the proverbial 1 to 2 business days.

    When the aircard does connects, I can actually watch YouTube videos!! (Simple pleasures for simple minds!) I haven’t bothered with them on dial-up. There is nothing that is worth the 20 minutes or more of downloading it takes to get it with dial up.

    But if I can get a good steady signal, I think the aircard is the answer! I don’t understand why the cellphone people aren’t really advertizing it as a solution for the rural areas that will never reach the critical mass the DSL people expect.

  14. Now, well, you should probably have a Sunday Caption Contest or some of us may go into convulsions. Not me, of course.

  15. Well, another J-Walk Junkie Jonesing for John.

    At 24 seconds per character I figure J-Walk devoted 74 minutes to leaving that message, not counting the time to type his name, email address and push submit.

    Wow! Hefty message there John. We should teach you texting shorthand. You could have posted the following:

    Gr8 idea, Phillip! Hr I m in Prescott, wrkng on wrlds slowest WiFi cnxn. BUtful day clr n crisp. Must stop – Ea chr takes 24 secs 2 send

    That would’ve only been 53 minutes.

  16. Curtis, I’ve seen pictures of your wife. You need to buy her an ergonimic chair that places her in unparalleled comfort with the look and feel of a throne. Cost be damned!

  17. I didnt realise this was a Canadian blog… sorry but you guys dont type the way you speak…

    can you PLEASE end every sentence or post with ‘eh?

  18. Another J-Walker
    I had to take this week off from work. I knew with John gone I could not cost the company any lost production.
    John don’t fall into the great big canyon and do not do the glass walk way, it is a big rip off

  19. > Trend Micro Internet Security has identified this Web page as undesirable

    That’s interesting. There are google ads at the bottom of the site (which I block with Firefox), so I never notice what they’re spewing. I’ll look into it.

    I’ve been busy all weekend outside: digging up the garden, removing weeds, tilling, and planting a LOT of potatoes. We (the kids and I) also cleaned out the garage a bit, raked up some leaves from last fall, drove to Shediac to visit the biggest lobster in the world… and lots of outdoor stuff. It was a great weekend.

  20. I think it may have read…this blog is full of undesirables….

    kinda neat havin’ all these “visitors”…..are you being hospitable Jody??

  21. > kinda neat havin’ all these “visitors”

    It is. We should be posting all kinds of crap to take advantage of the traffic, but as usual, we’re too lazy. Plus, I haven’t been staring at the computer as much now that the weather’s improved.

  22. Me too. We’re finally getting some warm weather (despite the icebergs). The more sunshine there is outside, the less time I want to spend inside on a computer.

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