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7 Replies to “Tearing Down a Shed”

  1. That’s a perfect candidate for a time-lapse video.

    The last 10 seconds of the video shows the whole thing on fast-forward. Not as good as time-lapse but the best I can do with the software and camera I’m using. I’ll get a real time-lapse camera when the cam I have now craps out, which is likely to be soon.

    A couple of bozos, eh? Apparently with only one pair of gloves between them.

    Good eye.

  2. No gloves, then gloves, then no gloves, using a HACKET to hack with…oh oh oh my favorite part was tear down part of the wall …and …then…CLIMB ON TOP.

    STAY AWAY FROM CHAIN SAWS. Don’t make me come up there and yell at you.

    Oh yeah, are your tetnus shots up to date?

  3. Oh yeah, are your tetnus shots up to date?

    That’s a good question. Let me check my medical records…

    No. My last tetanus shot was over 5 years ago, which probably doesn’t qualify as up to date. And I’m pretty sure I got cut on the shed once or twice… Hmm… What the hell is tetanus anyway?

  4. Tetanus is more commonly known as Lockjaw. It is a condition that affects the nervous system and causes painful, uncontrolled muscle spasms.

    The Tetanus immunization is good for 10 years. Once every five years is recommended if you travel a lot or spend your spare time climbing on top of partially demolished metal sheds.

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