The Comments From Those Guitar Posts

The 50 “Worst” Guitar Solos Of All Time and 100 “greatest” guitarists of all time posts contain juvenial, subjective opinions. There are a few folks who post intelligent, insightful arguments, but their comments tend to spawn reactions from idiots.

A poll:

Should I disable comments for the two guitar related posts?
I don’t care.
I refuse to participate in this poll.

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9 Replies to “The Comments From Those Guitar Posts”

  1. I agree that most of the comments to those posts are juvenial (and I have yet to read an intelligent sentence that began with the word “Dude”). If you deleted both posts along with the comments, I don’t think it would be much of a loss.

  2. Dude!!!!! It’s your site, not some democracy. The comments section isn’t meant as a discussion forum is it? If it’s bringin’ you down, get rid of the bloody thing! Just lock the comments so that nobody else can post to that junk, if that’s possible.

  3. I agree mostly, you should lock them if you care. However, if it’s not a bandwith issue, you can always just set up a filter in your comment notifications (most probably email, is it?) so those two posts won’t show up and just let those folks ramble on :) – obviously, the discussion and the moron postings don’t need any of your attention…

  4. > Just lock the comments

    That’s what I mean by “disable”. The current comments would stay put, but I’d disable future comments from being added.

    It ain’t bringing me down. I’m just getting tired of editing the crap that gets posted there. I’d still like to know if it annoys anyone else.

  5. I’m thinking I’ll just prevent new comments from those threads from appearing the the “Recent Comments” list on the right menu there. We’ll see how the voting goes first!

  6. I like that idea best, taking it out of the recent comments section.

    You actually edit the posts? If people are too stupid to be civil then just delete the entire post. Problem solved!

    Except me, I can be not-civil, right?

  7. WordPress is excellent at filtering out spam comment, plus I can customize what it considers spam based on a list of words. However, I still delete comments that are offensive or attack someone.

  8. I can understand how difficult it must be “editing” the comments etc.., It is true that some commentary has been of a more “personal” nature, and that’s sad. It’s a great discussion topic, and I would hate to see it go. Folks are truly opinionated, as one post mentioned, “that’s human nature.” I have appreciated reading the comments (most of them), although I must admit, they have all given me some insight into folks think and sometimes “react” to an issue that excites something in them emotionally. If the comments are “attack” oriented, it is always better to remove or edit them with a notice about decorum etc..,

    whatever you decide to do, it is or has been an enjoyable experience.

  9. That guitar thread has taken a life of its own. Occasionally an idiot or spam post is entered which I have to delete, but otherwise, I plan on leaving it alone. It’s incredible it’s lasted this long: 285 comments so far.

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