“The African Queen” in Black and White

The African Queen (1951) has Humphrey Bogart floating down an African river in an old steamer boat with Katharine Hepburn after her church in the middle of the jungle is burned down by some classic Evil Germans. She’s a good and proper Christian lady and he’s a drunk, but their trials and tribulations bring them closer together. Although it’s a classic that may not be great, “The African Queen” is easy entertainment. You can put it on and not worry about the plot and just enjoy the company of Bogart and Hepburn. My only complaint is the colour. It’s wrong to view any movie with Humphrey Bogart in colour. Turning the colour setting to zero on our TV transforms the movie from kind of ugly, really, to a classic black and white. I don’t think I could have watched it in colour.

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  1. This movie is a little dated but still has lots of emotional impact. It happens to be on Mr. Mean’s “favorites” list, one of the few on that list that aren’t starring Steve McQueen.

    Read the background of the making of. They all got intestinal parasites and other exotic deadly complaints and Lauren Bacall had to play nurse to everybody. John Huston thought it was a great lark they all nearly died.

  2. I just watched this and the Caine Mutiny last week…loved them….the pacing is so interesting compared to what is produced now…..I like the canadian reference…..

  3. I like the Canadian reference too. AND the Caine Mutiny is next on our list. But we plan to watch it in black and white. I don’t know what it is, but Bogart has got one ugly mug in colour.

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