The Best Meteor Shower Of 2004

Your guide to a “gem” of a meteor show:

What could be the best meteor display of the year is scheduled to reach its peak on Monday night.
Skywatchers with dark skies away from city lights could see one or two meteors every minute during the Geminid meteor shower. The greatest activity is expected to be visible from North America, Europe and Africa.

From NASA:

Tell your friends: the best meteor shower of 2004 is about to peak on a long cold December night.
It’s the Geminids. The best time to look is Monday night, Dec. 13th. Sky watchers who stay outside for a few hours around midnight can expect to see dozens to hundreds of “shooting stars.”
Where should you look? Anywhere. Geminids streak all over the sky.

That’s cool. I hope it’s clear tonight so my daughter and I can watch it.

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