The One That Got Away

Freeing a carpCOLLECTION: Swim boy, Swim!

They’ve got these crazy big fish there [Chinese supermarket] in these tiny tanks just waiting to be butchered in there. One in particular, the biggest of the bunch, had caught my eye some time back. I don’t know why, but I make a point of visiting with him every time I go shopping.
Today though, he seemed sullen. I couldn’t even get his attention. It was like we were in similar moods…
It was obvious what had to be done.
“This one… he’s coming with me.”

An amusing photographic tale about buying a live 40 pound fish and releasing him into the polluted wild.

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  1. J-Walk just posted this today. I thought it was a funny photo essay, and that was that. But apparently the guy could get in trouble for introducing a foreign species into an ecosystem. However, the last comment I read mentioned that there is already a population of that particular carp in the local ecosystem, so it’s no big deal — and that the fish, already disease-ridden, probably didn’t live too long after the guy through it in the East River.

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